Bulk Materials at Pine Creek

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As a small family owned business

we take great pride in bringing quality bulk materials to our customers. We make our own topsoil here on site, with quality ingredients that Paul is very particular about. Being in the landscape business for 25 years, he has first hand experience in what is available in the department of topsoil, and he screens a product that he is proud of and would choose to use for his own customers and uses himself for onsite projects.

The following products are stocked in our material yard and the prices are picked up prices. Please call for a quote for delivery...Prices subject to change. We can not always guarantee that product is in stock.

Topsoil  $21.50 per yard picked up-  3 way mix of loam, compost and sand

Wintermix topsoil -  $24.50 picked up (Composted manure, sawdust and sand)

Garden Soil - $30 per yard picked up (60% compost, 20% sand and 20% wintermix)

Clean 5/8 gravel - $34 per yard picked up

Pacific NW Garden Mulch - $24.50 per yard picked up (composted and screened ground wood debris)

Medium Bark (doug fir) - $28 per yard picked up

Fine Bark (doug fir) - $29 per yard picked up

Black Bark - $30 per yard picked up

Screened Compost - $28 per yard picked up

5/8 minus gravel - $32 per yard picked up

Pea Gravel  - $34 per yard picked up

Drain Rock (1- 1/2" round) $32 per yard picked up

Sand - $30 per yard picked up

Unscreened woodmulch - $10 per yard picked up (hogfuel)

Cobble (2"-8") - $30 per yard picked up


Pine Creek Farms & Nursery is a wood debris recycling site. This gives you a better option than putting recyclable material in the land fill.

We accept any wood debris free of nails & paint.  No pressure treated can be accepted. This would be any tree trimmings, limbs, branches and any stumps or rounds that are clean (no dirt) that are no larger than 12" in diameter. Please call if you have any questions!

We charge $15 per yard for wood and brush recycling.