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Pine Creek is now operating with Fall hours!
Monday-Friday 10-4pm
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Frost on the trees

We created Pine Creek because we love gardening and landscaping as much as you do. 

Come for a visit. Stroll the grounds and discover our large selection of trees, plants, shrubs, and flowers. 
Be inspired in our gift shop, full of beautiful ideas for your indoor and outdoor rooms and gardens.

From the practical Bogs boots to beautiful jewelry, you'll find that special item you've been searching for...
We love to share classes and seminars that enrich our lives with priceless skills and ideas for our homes and gardens.

Visit our Events Page for current classes or to create your own special event. 
During the winter season you can still find beautiful and interesting plants for the garden or containers!

Mid February pansies & primroses will be showing their welcoming blossoms telling of coming spring season!!!

We also stock top quality topsoil, compost, bark, beautiful high mountain granite in various sizes, 
and other bulk materials, for all your gardening and landscaping needs.
All of our bulk products are available for pick-up, or we'll deliver.